Ange Projects is a fashion label founded in 2021. The world of Ange exists behind the doors of a fictional country club called ‘the ANGE Club’. It is a place where members gather to meet like minded people and experience life the Ange way. The people in Ange understand a certain lifestyle and enjoy the finer things
in life, like a good glass of wine.

Ange Projects was founded out of a love for fashion by three close friends. From the start, the owners pledged that Ange should do more than just sell clothes, which is why they added “Projects” to the name. This commitment is evident in the various events the brand hosts and their plans to branch out into other industries.
Although Ange Projects stands for enjoying the finer things in life, the lifestyle holds deeper meaning for the owners. “Find your passion, pursue it, and enjoy the benefits of your hard work.” This mentality stems from the athletic mindset that two of the owners developed during their careers in professional football and basketball. With Ange Projects, they hope to inspire others to dream big and continuously work to achieve their goals.

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